The expert way to protect your fence or wood deck from the harsh environment. Fence King offers Expert Professional Wood Care Stain & Seal products and services. This means that we can not only build you a beautiful wood fence but we can stain and seal your wood fence – giving you more performance, more value, and more curb appeal.

Add Years of Life To Your Fence & Deck

You’ve spent thousands on your new fence and deck. Unfortunately, your beautiful deck and fence are never sheltered from the harsh weather. Rain, snow, ice, heat, insects, and harmful UV rays are a brutal force. These elements work hard to discolor, warp, and accelerate the deterioration of your fence and deck.

Typical deck stains and sealers contain low-quality paint pigments which require carcinogenic solvents. These solvent chemicals reduce pigment life causing your finish to fade faster. They are also harmful to the environment, your family’s health, and the health of your pets. Not to mention the mess they can make!

Now there’s a better and safer way to protect your fence and deck. Fence King offers deck staining and fence staining options that are eco-friendly, low-VOC stains. Our stain and seal doesn’t “gas off” in your backyard, so your family and pets are safe. Our stains provide a superior level of protection without harmful side effects.

BEFORE fence stain and seal AFTER fence stain and seal

Bring Your Fence To Life!

Expert Results

Whether you’ve recently built a new wood fence or you’ve got an existing fence that’s looking a little tired, our Expert Stain & Seal application can breathe new life into your fence!

WE CLEAN IT: Let the Fence King team wash and prep your fence. This helps to remove dirt, build-up, and fungus growth.

WE STAIN IT & SEAL IT: Fence King uses EXPERT Stain & Seal products to professionally stain and seal your fence – effectively protecting your fence from harsh environmental conditions and giving you MAXIMUM performance!

Expert Wood Care - Stain & Seal Colors

Stain & Seal Colors

Please note that colors may appear differently based on your screen color settings. Application colors can vary based on wood type, age, and other factors. We welcome you to come visit our showroom to view samples in person!

Transparent Colors






Semi-Transparent Colors






Semi-Solid Colors




Cape Cod Grey





Slate Grey

Chocolate - Semi-Solid Stain Color


Log & Timber: Semi-Solid



Dark Oak




Bison-Brown - Semi-Solid Log & Timber


Dark Oak - Semi-Solid Log & Timber

Dark Oak

Charcoal - Semi-Solid Log & Timber


Driftwood - Semi-Solid Log & Timber


Expert Stain Seal for sale

It's What The Experts Use!

Want To Do-It-Yourself?

If you would like to tackle that fence staining project, deck staining project, or lumber staining project yourself, we’ve got you covered. Fence King is the Authorized Expert Stain & Seal dealership for the Gulf Coast.

Expert Stain & Seal is a premium-quality, oil-based wood stain that delivers an exceptional finish. Designed by real-world staining professionals, Expert Stain & Seal provides real impact and performance.

Not available in any local big box stores – stop by our showroom in Covington, LA. We’ve got all the staining supplies you need to get the job done right – general public & subcontractors are welcome!

Conditioning Oils Sink Deep Down to Protect & Beautify

Expect real performance year after year. EXPERT Stain & Seal is designed for long-lasting, beautiful protection. Our proprietary blend of premium-quality oils and pigments uses fewer toxins, providing a deep penetrating protection resulting in ultra-low VOCs and lower, long-term gas-off levels.

Extend wood’s life and beauty effortlessly with EXPERT Stain & Seal.

expertwoodcare 1

A Real Smart, Safe Choice

EXPERT Stain & Seal offers real application benefits – an ultra-low VOC formula that won’t drip, run, or leave lapmarks. Easily re-apply without any scraping, stripping, or sanding. Plus, our easy-to-follow steps make clean-up a breeze.

Make the safe, smart choice in oil-based wood stains with EXPERT Stain & Seal.

Real Performance, Guaranteed

EXPERT Stain & Seal guarantees to perform under real-world conditions. All our stains are guaranteed to stand up against low to high foot traffic. Our high-traffic performance-based semi-solid stain offers the best manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 3 years. While our medium-traffic, semi-transparent stain stands up with our 2-year warranty. And for those ultra-low traffic vertical surfaces, try our 1-year guaranteed, transparent, oil-based stain.

expertwoodcare 2
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