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Fence King Financing Graphic V2

Financing Quick Reference

financing quick reference chart 02

This chart is provided as an estimate of monthly payment options. Actual payments could vary based on customer’s final product eligibility. Assumes contractor is paid in one draw. Estimated monthly payments are based upon a 11.99% fixed APR. Rates are subject to change. Document version is 101250.


Venmo Users

Fence King offers Venmo as a convenience to you – allowing you to make easy payments and avoid fees. Please note that if you turn on the Venmo “Product & Service” option, Fence King will charge you a convenience fee.

You can avoid the convenience fee by NOT flagging your payment as a payment for goods or services.

Finance Your Fence


To Have The Best Chance of
Pre-Qualifying, Do The Following:

• Use the member of the household with the best credit score!

• When entering your Household Income, be sure to include the combined income of everyone within your home for the best results.