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Fence King builds fences in Slidell, Lacombe, Mandeville, Abita Springs, Covington, Madisonville, Goodbee, Robert, Ponchatoula, and Hammond.

The cost of a fence depends upon several factors. The main determining factors consist of what type of fence material is selected, the style of fence being built, what type and how many gates are installed, and, of course, how many linear feet of fence is required. (Linear footage is calculated by measuring the perimeter of the area that the fence will be built on.) For privacy fences, pressure-treated pine is the most economical material choice.

Want to get a better idea of fence cost? Use our virtual fence designer. It uses satellite imagery to display a birds-eye-view of your yard and allows you to easily trace where you’d like your fence installed. Draw directly on a Google map, select fence choices, select gates, and get an INSTANT PRICE ESTIMATE.

When your backyard backs up against your neighbor’s yard, you’ll want a privacy fence with a height that gives you the most privacy. Usually, this can be accomplished with a 6ft height. But Fence King can do height transitions that work between 6ft and 8ft in order to give you more privacy or more view depending on your preferences.

If your backyard does not back up against a neighbor, but to a green space or pond, our aluminum fence is a popular choice. You can use our Aluminum Fence Design Studio to get a virtual preview of the fence in your yard. Simply upload a picture of your yard from the outside facing your home, upload the image to the design studio, and select your metal fence for a virtual preview.

The turnaround time for fence installation depends on several factors that include type of fence, length of the fence to be installed, and site conditions. Project time would also be affected by the removal of any existing fence if required. Usually, a Fence King installation takes 2 days here on the Northshore. If we’re also removing an old fence, the total time would be 3 to 4 days. Please ask your Fence King sales representative for scheduling details.

Fence King is the ONLY fence contractor that attaches your warranty directly to your fence. Our wood fences come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY that covers the exchange of the faulty product. Please see the Fence King Wooden Fence Warranty for complete details.

Aluminum fences come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY through Aluminum Fence Supply. Please see the Aluminum Fence Supply warranty for complete details.

The land rights may vary in your area. So, it may be necessary to check with your local Tax Assessors office where you can get the actual parcel/land dimensions. However, the ownership of an existing fence is typically the same owner of the land for which the fence is installed upon. Fence King does not conduct any property surveys nor do we imply property lines. If there is an existing fence, you should check with your neighbors to be certain the fence is yours. A survey company can mark your property lines for a fee.

When fences are installed using pre-fabricated panels, fencing slopes and irregular ground levels can be difficult to properly fence. You will usually get large gaps at the bottom areas and uneven capping.

Fence King does NOT use pre-fabricated fence panels. We build custom fences. Custom fences (or stick-built fences) allow us to better follow the lay-of-the-land (topography) and gives a much smoother transition. We can include custom transitions as an upgrade to your fence installation.


Wooden fences today usually last 12-20 years depending on many factors including the type of wood, moisture content in the ground, sun exposure, and other environmental elements. Check out the average lifespan on our Residential Fence Page.

Yes. Our pine fencing products are pressure treated to make them resistant to insects, rot, and damage. Our Western Red Cedar fencing is naturally resistant to insects, rot, and decay. All of our wood fences are Made in The USA.

YES! All fence posts should have a concrete foundation around them! Our foundations are usually excavated in virgin soil and reach 2ft deep while being anywhere from 6in to 10in in diameter depending on the post size.

Typically just under 8ft as a rule. We work with dimensional lumber that is 16ft long. Some sections can be a little smaller or up to 10ft when need to reach a corner or end point.

Pressure treated pine is the most economical way to go, but when it comes to the sections of fence including a gate, we highly recommend using cedar.

Many of our competitors cut cost by only using two 2×4 runners. However, pressure-treated pine and cedar privacy fences should have THREE 2×4 framing runners to keep the fence pickets from bowing. When it comes to 4ft wood picket fences, two 2×4’s are required due to the smaller span between framing runners.

While it is not necessary to stain or paint your wood fence, it enhances the aesthetics and increases the durability of your fence. An unstained fence will provide you with a good service life but over time it will grey from the sun and the elements. A stained/painted fence will last years longer depending on which product is used and will add more curb appeal.

Wooden 4ft high privacy and picket gates range from 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 10ft and 12ft (we recommend a 12ft gate have a welded frame but will still do it without because the 4ft picket fences are shorter and use less material)

Wooden 6ft high privacy gates range from 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 10ft. If a customer would like a 12ft wooden gate, we recommend a welded frame be attached to the back to help longevity.

We do not recommend doing an 8ft high privacy gate without utilizing a commercial application, they just don’t hold up. The most we will do is a small 3ft wide gate along the back of the property for access to the woods so the customer can maintain the vegetation and keep it off off their new fence.


No. The Fence King only uses high quality aluminum fencing, aluminum does not rust and the powder-coat finish will give you strong finish that won’t peel or flake over time. Take a look at the Aluminum Fence section for more information on our premium metal fences.

Our aluminum fences come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty with the manufacturer. See also the aluminum fence section on our resources page for more information.

YES! All fence posts should have a concrete foundation around them! Our foundations are usually excavated in virgin soil and reach 2ft deep while being 6in to 8in in diameter. Ornamental aluminum fence posts are 2in square.

Aluminum fence posts are 6ft apart.

Aluminum 4ft high gates range from 3ft (special order), 4ft, 5ft, 10ft, 12ft, and special order for larger.

Aluminum 6ft high gates range from 3ft (special order), 4ft, 5ft, 10ft, 12ft, and special order for larger.

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All Fence King Materials are Made In The USA
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