Stronger Fence Structure

Louisiana weather can be brutal. Over time, natural curing combined with high winds and heavy rain will make even the strongest wood fence post susceptible to warping, twisting and rotting. The PostMaster+ Post System adds years of strength to your beautiful wooden fence.


More Beautiful

Now you can enjoy the beauty of your wood fence longer with the PostMaster+ Fence System. Fence King offers a variety of PostMaster+ configurations. Our hidden fence post option gives you the durability of steel posts with the exterior attractiveness of wood.
PostMaster+ is designed to with-stand hurricane force winds. Have Fence King build your fence with PostMaster+ for an unbelievable, storm-proof structure.

The Next Generation Of Residential Fencing

Are you looking to invest in a new wood fence? Be the envy of your neighborhood with an innovative fence system that is structurally sound, built to last, and with eye-catching beauty all-in-one.

Traditional wooden posts can warp, twist, and weaken over time. Making your fence vulnerable to damaging storms that are common in Louisiana. Even though the common metal round posts are more durable than wood, they can be an unattractive eyesore.

You can now have the beautiful, natural wood fence you’ve always wanted. Fence King now offers PostMaster+, a revolutionary complete wood fence post system. The PostMaster+ provides a durable steel post structure that strengthens your fence and gives you the best return on your investment.

PostMaster+ Fence Systems are built to last. This innovative framework is structurally sound. Our PostMaster+ post options can be configured to withstand hurricane-strength winds from 73mph to 115mph, heavy rain, and extreme temperature changes without losing performance.

Professional Fence Options Available

Our Fencing Methods in General

Pressure Treated Pine Wood Posts (4in x 4in) – This is our standard wood fence installation and, when newly installed, posts can withstand up to 59mph winds. This is the most common wood fence installation.
(Price Range: $)

PostMaster+ Exposed Posts – In the “exposed” post installation, single PostMaster+ posts are used to construct your fence. These posts can withstand tropical storm maximum winds of 73mph.
(Price Range: $ $)

PostMaster+ Hidden Posts – In the “hidden” post installation, single PostMaster+ posts are used to construct your fence and concealed with wood pickets. These posts can withstand tropical storm maximum winds of 73mph.
(Price Range: $ $ $)

Fence King Tac Welded Double PostMaster+ Posts – Fence King tac welds two PostMaster+ posts together for the most durable installation. These reinforced posts can be installed exposed or concealed with wood pickets. Posts installed in this method can withstand Category 2 hurricane-force winds of 115mph.
(Price Range: $ $ $ $)

Fence King PostMaster+ Double Tac-Welded 115 MPH, PostMaster+ 73 MPH

‡ The PostMaster Limited Lifetime Warranty only covers PostMaster product up to maximum winds of 73mph and does not cover any acts of God or any other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship. See warranty for complete details.


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*Pressure-Treated Pine is our economical wood choice.
Please note that colors here are not true representation of product color. This is for demonstration puproses only.


Fence King offers a great way to finance your fence so everyone can afford privacy and security for their family.

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Be the KING of your own kingdom when you surround your yard with any of our premium fences. Choose our Western Red Cedar privacy fencing that features natural tannins that resists decay, insects, and moisture damage. Select our wooden pine fences that are pressure-treated to resist insects, rot, and decay. Fence King’s Ornamental Aluminum fences add a charm with their classic, powder-coat finishes that do not rust, peel, or flake.

Or you can select any combination of fence types and styles to add the perfect level of security, privacy and curb-appeal to your home.

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