We're Hurricane Proof

We hope you and yours fared well during this tragic event. Thankfully our Fence King family made it safely through the storm and are ready to help you and our community get back on its feet.

After the catastrophic damage we saw as a result of IDA, we were fortunate enough to be able to put teams in the field to start picking up the pieces as soon as Tuesday, just 2 days afterwards. Our concerns for our team members about their health/safety and lack of power have slowed our progress a bit but we’re still getting the job done! Katrina taught us quite a lesson and we are proud to say that our storm preparedness is showing and we are responding to all of our customer calls as soon as possible!

In addition, we currently have several 18 wheelers loaded with material and on the way so that we can meet you and our community’s needs quickly. Together we can and will get through this disaster!

Thank you, 

Daniel Blanc Jr - The Fence King

Dan Blanc
Fence King 👑

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Fence King is ready to help the community get back on its feet. We’re proud to say we learned a lot from Katrina and it’s showing with our Hurricane Ida preparedness. We have 18 wheeler truckloads of supplies being delivered daily to meet the demand . We’re responding to all of our customers as soon as possible!
Please be patient.