Dear Customer,

Due to Covid and post-pandemic supply chain effects, our industry is experiencing unprecedented building material delays and backorders. 

The market for lumber, building supplies, and aluminum is currently extremely volatile as suppliers adjust to raw material supply limitations. As a result, every business within the construction industry is coping with severe pricing increases and supply procurement issues.

What is Fence King Doing?

At Fence King, we are working diligently to maintain a higher standard, secure top quality fencing products, and sustain efficient turnarounds for our Northshore fencing projects.

When possible, Fence King purchases lumber, and supplies in bulk, truckload quantities in an attempt to hedge price changes and compensate for supply shortages. 

Wood products are not the only building materials effected. Currently, aluminum is difficult to procure.   We are a Courtyard dealer, which is currently several weeks out at this time.

What’s The Best Fence Option Right Now?

We will discuss the various fencing options and inform you of any corresponding supply lead time extensions that will help you determine the best fencing solution. Because of our dedication to installing only top-quality products, we will never opt to use inferior or low-quality products in order to reduce lead time.

Fence King is also dedicated to consumer awareness. It is imperative to warn consumers of fence builders who may be installing inferior building materials to compensate for supply issues. We encourage you, the consumer, to ask for fence specs, samples, warranty information, and literature that details the materials being used to construct your project.

Fence King will continue to offer you transparency, expertise, and significant value through these difficult times. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Daniel Blanc Jr - The Fence King

Dan Blanc
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Every construction-related business has been affected by supply chain issues due to Covid conditions. Read about the effects and how Fence King is taking action to protect customers, secure materials, and provide industry-leading fence solutions.